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30" Fan duct ready for transportBlack liquor tank bottom cone fabricated from 3/8" stainless steel for Weyerhaeuser in Dryden as a major component in their recent air emission project..
New tubes being fitted in black liquor heater. Black liquor heater retubed and ready for transport to Weyerhaeuser Inc. in Dryden
Exterior view of scrubber section at Avenor Inc. in Dryden Ontario Interior view of scrubber section at Avenor Inc. in Dryden Ontario
Custom stainless steel tank Hydro duct
Kiln scrubber duct Kiln scrubber duct
Wood-products conveyor Lube oil heater
Wood-products conveyor Wood-products conveyor
55" diameter spur gear at Thunder Bay Terminals Inc. Bowthruster undergoing final inspections after a complete overhaul in our shop.
Adjustable split bearing housing bracket fabricated and machined from 3-1/2" thick 316L stainless steel. Radius bore machined to suit a round housing that is infinitely adjustable with a custom made worm and gear assembly.
On-Site Machining

Journal bearing fit repaired on site at Norampac Inc. saving the customer $30,000.00
On-site Machining

19400 precipitating stainless steel diffuser rod repair on site at Avenor Inc.
30" diameter 316L pulp press screen rebuilt Sulzer main engine cylinder liner being machined
Boom luffing cylinder being removed from the Nanticoke.

28,000# lift
Bow repair on the Frontenac
Centre ballast tank top renewal on the Atlantic Erie.Inside cargo hold 2 on the Atlantic Erie
Plate renewal inside cargo hold #1 on the Atlantic Erie Longitundinal cargo hold plating renewal in the Frontenac.
Lower-slope plate renewal inside cargo hold #1 on the Atlantic Erie Outer shell plate renewal on the Frontenac
3 damaged bronze propeller blades sit on dock while a fourth is being hoisted into position. Atlantic Erie layed up for winter repairs
API 650 tank API 650 tank
304L Storage Tanks API 650 tank
API 650 tank TSSA certified pressure tank
API 650 tank Mild steel API 650 tank

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