Fabmar Metals Inc. provides a diverse range of services to the marine, pulp & paper and saw mill industries as well as other sectors of the economy. Over the past 19 years Fabmar Metals Inc. has earned a reputation for outstanding value by providing customers with quality workmanship, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. Our specialties include: We have the facilities, manpower, equipment and expertise to meet your needs. Each member of the Fabmar management team lends his/her own expertise to the project management process. Our team-effort ensures timely, hassle-free execution of all projects from start to finish. As a team, we are committed to winning 100% customer satisfaction.

Ship Repair / Fabrication
Ship repair has grown to be a large part of our business during the winter lay-up, January through April on an annual basis. Our labour force of up to 135 people has performed large tonnage jobs on all topside repair projects including the following:
  • Side tank / Double-bottom internals
  • Longitudinal bulkhead renewals
  • Screen bulkhead renewals
  • Slope & tank-top renewals
  • Complete self-unloading gate fabrication / installation
  • Self-unloading conveyance / C-frame / Gooseneck & Boom repairs / Renewals
  • Annual jobs of up to 650,000 pounds of steel completed
  • Engine Room piping / Ballast lines / Millwrighting
  • Propeller blade replacement / Kortnozzle / Bowthruster repair
We are proud to have customers regard us as having the highest quality work at the best pricing on the Great Lakes. Our work is completed to our customers satisfaction on time and on budget.

Tanks, Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers
We are proud and pleased to announce that Fabmar Metals Inc. has successfully completed our: Quality Control Manual for Construction of Pressure Vessels in accordance with ASME Section Vlll Division 1 and CSA B51 at our shop Fabmar Metals Inc., 1019 Pacific Avenue, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 2S7 and for Field Assembly at sites controlled from our plant.
We have appointed Mr. Laurie Ryynanen Control Manager delegating to him the necessary authority and responsibility to maintain the quality control system and our Quality Control Manual.


Fabmar Metals Inc. has a Technical Standards and Safety Authority approved system in place essential to ensure that our company achieves compliance with the requirements of ASME Section Vlll Division 1 and CSA B51 for: Design, Construction, Assembly, Modification, Repair and Inspection of Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping.
API 620/650 Tanks

Large knockdown or pre-fabricated 1-piece tanks can be designed & fabricated in all mild steel or stainless steel applications.
  • Knockdowns supplied up to 40' dia X 80' high.
  • Shop Fab 1 piece supplied 15' dia X 48' high.
Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger / Condensor fabrication or repair under TSSA requirements are common.
  • New construction / Design / Fabrication
  • Shell / Expansion joint repair
  • Retube existing units including tubesheet repairs
  • Pressure test / NDT exams

Fabmar Metals Inc. has been servicing the machine shop needs of the pulp & paper, marine and sawmill industries for 19 years. Our highly skilled tradesmen operate a complete line of machining equipment to get the job done with precision and in a timely fashion. Our large lathe capacities have been a valuable asset to the machine shop. We have repaired or fabricated many paper rolls and other large industrial components in our shop. We regularly satisfy our customer's requests by working day and night in shut-down situations. Our customers have said "the quality and the ability to deliver on time and on budget is second to none".

  • Drive shafts
  • Bearing housings
  • Paper rolls
  • Pump rebuilds
  • Gear box rebuilds
The photo (bottom right) shows reconditioned ship main engine valves and seats. The seats and valves are stellite coated stainless steel.

On-Site Machining
Fabmar Metals Inc. has seen an increased demand to perform a variety of "on-site" machining services. With advances in modern machining technology, portable stationary machine tools have made their mark in the mining, marine and pulp and paper industries. This technology permits fast and accurate repairs to be completed without the crippling delays and staggering costs of conventional disassembly, off-site repair and assembly. Services include:
  • Welding and remachining of damaged or worn shafts
  • Machining new or larger keyways into shafts
  • machining of flange faces
  • align boring up to 40" in diameter.
Applications include:
  • Pressure vessel flanges remachined
  • Ship main engine align boring
  • Kraft mill diffuse rod repair
  • Screw conveyor journal repair
  • Blower shaft bearing fit repair

Structural Steel & Plate Work
Fabmar Metals Inc. offers a wide range of capabilities for structural steel work which we fabricate under CWB-CSA Standard W47.1 Division 2.1. to our customer's specifications as required for individual projects or in conjunction with tanks. These include custom fabrication and installation of:
  • Stairs
  • Walkways
  • Handrails
  • Support Systems
  • Plate work

Conveyor Systems
Fabmar Metals Inc. has vast experience repairing, designing, building and installing conveyor systems for a multitude of applications including:.
  • Shipping Terminals
  • Self-unloading vessels
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Saw mills
  • Mining

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